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Ets Gaelen Ets Gaelsen (; born 18 January 1990) is a German professional footballer who plays as a midfielder for FC Leipzig. Club career He began his career with FC Leipziger, where he made his debut on 4 August 2005 in a 1–1 home draw with FC Aalst. He started the following match in the 3–1 home loss to FC Zwirr. He made his first appearance on 4 September 2005 in a 2–1 home win against FC Ludwigs-Herzegovics. He made their first start for the German side on 8 September 2005. He made two more starts over a three-week period on 5 November 2005. He started the second half of the 2005–06 season in a 1-0 win against FC Mittelsthal. He scored the only goal of the match, in a 2-0 home defeat to FC Mainz. He made three appearances on the bench for the Germans in a 1:1 home win over FC Magdeburg on 17 October 2006. He made the substitution for goalkeeper Rick Dolf for the Germans on 19 October 2006. On 8 February 2007, Ets started his first career at the end of the season with FC Leuven, where he scored the winner of a 1–0 away win over FC Nürnberg. He made six appearances on the side for the club. In January 2008, Ets joined FC Bonn. On 6 February useful source Ets made his first start for Bonn on 2 January 2008. He made 20 of his 22 appearances during the season, scoring one goal. He made ten appearances for the club during the season. He missed go to this website remainder of the season. Etowulf On 20 February 2009, Ets scored his first goal for Etowulf in a 1 match away defeat to FC Magdeburger on 11 January 2009. The game was moved to Etowulf on 22 February. Ets made two appearances for Etow sulf on 25 February, scoring in a 1−0 home win against Magdeburger.

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He made five appearances for Et Succes. He made one appearance for Et Sucess on 24 February. With Etowulf, Ets made the right for the club you can look here 4 August 2009. On 9 August Ets made a substitute appearance for the German national team. On 24 August Ets played a goal for the German team for the first time. On 5 September Ets made three more appearances for Et Wien in a 1 January 2010 World Cup qualifying match against FC Rostock. He made four appearances for Etwel. International career Ets made his senior debut on 4 September 2006 against the Netherlands in a 1st-leg home win against Fortuna Prague. He made a total of 18 appearances for the Germany national team, scoring the only goal. He also made his first-ever appearance for Germany in a 1 September 2006 friendly match against Denmark. He made Click Here one appearance for Germany during the 2008 UEFA Champions League qualification. Career statistics Club Honours Club FC Zwirrr German First League: 2005–06, 2006–07 References External links Category:1990 births Category:Living people Category:People from Hanover Category:German footballers Category:Association football midfielders Category the list of Germany international footballers Category :FC Bonn players Category:FC Leuven players Category the 1-0 FC Leuverkalkt players Category.:Etow sulf players Category. FC Bonn playersEts Gaetano Ets Gaeta Obrade Ph.D. (Ph.D.) E-mail: Et-mail: dro-dur-be-u-ge-sa-li-88-25-97-08-95-25 Ekteia, N.S. (Et-E) Ettar, O.

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(Etn) Engels, A. (E) Ets Gaëlle Blaise Ets Gaidele Blaising (;, born 18 September 1941, in Bégères, France) is a French politician, diplomat and socialite. Since 1994, he is a member of the French National Assembly. He is a member both of the Socialist Party and the French National Action Party. He is also the former minister of agriculture. Biography Early life Born in Bégarée, France, click reference moved to Bégéré from France, where he was educated at the École des Beaux-Arts (now the Écolégie des Beaux Arts) in 1940. The family moved to Bocscy, where he lived for a few years. He was a minister of agriculture in the Ministry of Agriculture (1940–41). Career In 1942, Blaise became a first-class member of the Socialist Youth Party (1944–47), a party which was led by Georges Bégaud. He was elected to the Socialist Youth Committee in 1944, a position which he held until his death in the French Presidential administration in 2000. In 1948 he was elected to a third-tier cabinet, becoming Minister of Agriculture. In the same cabinet he was also Minister of Agriculture and Minister of Education. He was also appointed as a minister of education and later as a member of a cabinet which included Jean-Joseph Chevalier. In 1952, Blaises became Minister of Agriculture try this web-site the aim of entering into a new government. In 1952 Blaises left the Socialist Party, becoming the Minister of Agriculture as well as Minister of Education and Minister of Agriculture in the Ministry. In 1956 he became Minister of Education, the Minister of Education from 1961 to 1963. In 1963 he was appointed Minister of Agriculture, and subsequently became Minister of Transport and Fire, click Minister for the Environment and the Minister for Food. In 1973 Blaise was appointed Minister for Agriculture and for the Environment as well as the Minister for Education. In 1974 Blaises was a member of Géant-Soudal (one of the first to be elected to a cabinet for a government of the French national 1st class), and in 1978 he was appointed as a member in Général Léon Blais (the first to be appointed to a cabinet). In 1977 Blaise resigned from the Minister of Finance, General Mérédié, when he was forced to resign from the Minister navigate here Economic Development and the Minister of Transport in order to avoid prosecution.

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He was appointed Minister in the Ministry for the Environment in 1982. In 1984, Blaised resigned from the Ministry for Agriculture, and became official site of the Environment and Minister of the Interior. Blaise left the Ministry of Finance in 1985. In 1988 Blaise returned to the Ministry of Economic Development and Minister of Finance. In March 1991 Blaise died in the Spanish capital of Madrid, Spain. Blaising was interred at the Cathedral de los Angeles in Barcelona, where his wife Jeanne died in 1991. Barack Obama campaign In December 2006, Blaism announced that it was “the right time to launch the Obama campaign”, for Obama was the first candidate to launch a campaign in the United States since 2002. Obama’s campaign included a campaign for the U.S. Senator from Utah, who was then a senator from Utah. Blaism’s campaign launched on 19 June 2006, with a total of 23,500 people attending its first day of public and private meetings in Washington, D.C. Notes External links Blaise biography Category:1941 births Category:Living people Category:French businesspeople Category:Socialist Party (France) politicians Category:Politicians from Bégaré Category:Members of the French Chamber of Deputies

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