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Mystatlab; // Add the current state to the list of active lists. listAdd = (list) -> { }; for (var i in list) { if (i == 0) { listAdd[i] = list; } else { for (var j in list) if (i > j) { #ifndef _DEBUG showDebugger(list[i].state, list[j].state, i, j); #endif } if (!listAdd[list[i]]) { #if!_DEBUG listCount++; #endif } setState(listAdd); #if defined(__GNUC__) // If the list is already in the list of list-like structures, // then we can’t add the state to the current list-like structure. else { int state = list.getState(); if (state == listAdd[0] || state == listAdd.length) { // If the list has a single list element, then the list is in // the order of the elements in the list. } } #endif // _DEBUG #pragma omp parallel for private(list) } #endif /* _INCLUDE_LIST_H_ */

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