SHRM Online Training – Learn About the Human Resources Management Certification Process

Establish yourself as an internationally-recognized human resources professional by earning both of the newly established international standards in Human Resource Management Certification: SHRM International Certified Professional (HRI-CPS) and SHRM Global Certified Professional (GCPC). These international certifications will open doors for you to advance your career, harmonize with emerging standards, and signal your ability to help other professionals develop their skills.

Both SHRM and HRI are recognized by CSCS (the Certification Council for Human Resources). In order to obtain either of these certifications, you need to pass both the written examination and the actual on-the-job test. You will have six months to complete either the exam or the other before the certification expires. The examinations range from easy to more difficult and are designed to test a range of areas that you can relate to.

Both exams are administered and graded by independent testing agencies that have accreditation with the US Department of Education. Each agency has its own set of qualifications and guidelines for passing the exams. CSCS’s testing requirements include passing the written portion of the examination and the multiple choice portion of the test. For SHRM, the examination includes the questions about the organization’s philosophy and policies, its values, mission statements, its performance, its goals, objectives, and its internal operations.

While there are multiple certification programs for Human Resource Management, the exams must be passed by an SHRM professional before becoming a certified professional. To qualify, you must be at least nineteen years of age, be employed with an authorized employer, be currently working under a contract, and be a US citizen or a qualified immigrant. Both HRI and SHR are also available in associate (A) and bachelor (B) editions.

To obtain either of these certifications, you must first apply for certification with the CSCS. Once you’ve earned the certification, you can enroll in an SHRM online training course, which will teach you how to pass both the written and practical exams. Or, if you would rather not take the online training course, you may choose to take the SHRM onsite in a live classroom.

If you’re interested in taking both the exams but want to focus only on the written portion, you can go straight to the exam and then take the SHR exam after you have taken the CSCS certification. in that field of study. This way, you will receive a higher score on the CSCS exam and gain the credibility you need to advance your career in your chosen field. However, if you have never taken the written section of a SHM exam or do not feel confident that you have what it takes, you can still take the SHR examination as well.

The SHR exam will demonstrate your knowledge and skill in all areas of Human Resources Management. This includes assessing and evaluating the performance of current and former employees, the development of policies and the structure of a human resources department, the development of an effective benefits package, hiring practices, training, budgeting and time management, developing a plan, and more. It can even include providing advice on benefits packages and benefits administration.

Many of the subjects covered on the written exam in both courses include topics that are covered in the curriculum of many CSCS programs. The SHR program includes information on how to implement the policy in place, and it helps you understand the benefits package that you’ll have to offer your employees. so that they can best benefit from the benefit package.

Because Human Resources Management requires that your company has a legal department, your program will also include information on the law and the regulations that govern HRM. This includes understanding the law and regulations related to harassment, discrimination, harassment, sexual harassment, whistle blowing, confidentiality and privacy, and more. Because your curriculum will also cover the legal aspects of the benefits package, you will gain valuable insight into how to design benefits packages that protect the interests of your employees. while giving them enough coverage to protect themselves from financial loss.

In both courses, the exams are designed to provide an accurate picture of the skills and knowledge you need to pass the exam. The questions cover everything from the basics to the more technical issues of HRM. Your instructors will present a variety of practice questions to help prepare you for the actual exam.

There are two different types of SHR exams: A basic SHM exam and an intermediate SHM exam. Once you pass both exams, you will become an SHRM licensed professional with a CEH number and be considered an expert in HRM.

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