StatPro Integration With Investment Banks

(NYSE: BR) A leading global financial service provider, (NYSE: BR) a company that develops financial solutions and provides infrastructure and software solutions to financial institutions, brokerages and other related companies, has announced that it has entered a partnership with StatPro, a company that provides cloud-based portfolio analysis and asset price management services for the investment banking and financial services industry. The collaboration between StatPro and BR extends its reach into the investment bank, by providing its financial assets and software capabilities to the investment bank, as well as the brokerage firms.

The software can be applied both at the brokerages’ end and at the client’s end for analyzing asset information and tracking trading activities. Brokerage firms will have access to a comprehensive set of data and analytical tools to provide better insight into their clients’ assets and track their trading activities. Brokers and financial institutions will be able to save time and money by accessing these tools at the broker’s end and at the client’s end and by not having to invest in proprietary software or on hiring staff to maintain a full-fledged software solution.

Once the software is implemented by a brokering firm, a client will receive its customized analytics from that broker. This means that a trader can see and analyze the performance of a portfolio, from start to finish, and the various assets being tracked on the portfolio. The analysis, based on StatPro’s cloud-based platform, helps the broker to identify opportunities, identify the best time to enter into an agreement and choose the right assets for entry. Once the broker identifies an opportunity, it can initiate a trade that provides the best return for the brokerage firm.

Brokers who are looking to gain insight into their clients’ investments will have access to an integrated set of tools for analyzing portfolios and identifying opportunities. This includes information provided by the broker’s own internal tools for assessing its own trading performance, as well as reports provided by StatPro to help with analyzing performance from the client’s own investment portfolio.

In addition to monitoring performance of individual stocks and funds, brokers who have StatPro tools in place will also be able to view the performance of their portfolio as a whole, including asset allocation, valuation, risk profile and growth rate. The broker will be able to use these tools to determine which stocks and funds should be included in its portfolio, as well as which funds should be excluded in its portfolio.

This software can help a broker’s clients with their day-to-day transactions, by making the process of trading easier. For instance, when a broker is planning to execute a trade, he/she can look at asset price data, asset price history, price movement, market data and more to identify opportunities and identify the best time to enter into an agreement. As the software collects this data, the broker can then make its decision, whether or not to execute the trade.

Many brokerage firms and investment banks have already begun investing in the StatPro software. Brokers now have access to the full suite of tools, which includes analysis tools, price history analysis, and price data feeds, data feed, and historical price data. Brokers can utilize the data from the platform to perform trend analysis and to find new trends in their portfolios. Traders will be able to access live updates and manage their accounts using the software from any internet connected computer.

By integrating the software into its existing tools and reporting to investment banks, Brokerage firms can create greater leverage, and leverage for their clients. They also are able to implement strategies with greater effectiveness. and better results for their customers. In the future, the collaboration between StatPro and Brokerage firms may enable traders to benefit from the same capabilities available in the proprietary trading platform of many investment banks.

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