What You Can Expect To Gain From A Masters Degree in Public Health Administration

The Massachusetts State University-Hickam School of Public Health is an accredited college-wide degree program focusing on the development of individual skills and career-oriented knowledge in public health. The MPH program is highly structured around career-focused disciplines of study.

Each discipline of study is designed to teach a specific career-focused aspect of health. Within the MPH degree program, there are three major areas of concentration – Public Health Policy, Public Health Practice, and Public Health Administration. All courses and clinical experiences are organized around a single topic of policy, practice, or administration. Each class will also be assigned to focus on a specific career area.

Students who earn their MPH degree in Public Health Policy will learn the basics of health policy. They will learn about different public policy frameworks and how they affect the medical profession, families, communities, the government, and society at large. They will also learn how to develop and implement policies related to health education, policy and administrative issues, health promotion, law, medicine, research, insurance and public finance, and even population health management. Additionally, students will learn about the different types of public health programs – such as grants, contracts, education, and health maintenance organizations – and how they affect the community, state and federal governments.

Those who complete their MPH degree in Public Health Practice will learn how to create, develop, and implement an effective public health system in order to protect the population, society, and environment from health hazards. This includes evaluating current health conditions, developing preventive measures, designing, implementing, funding, and monitoring programs and policies. The clinical experience includes training in the administration and delivery of health services and providing public education and awareness campaigns that promote healthy living.

Those who earn their MPH degree in Public Health Administration will learn how to manage programs, departments, and clinics, as well as the implementation of policies and the management of budgets. This includes the development of goals, establishing benchmarks, developing programs and policies, and evaluating the performance and effectiveness. Within this discipline, students will learn how to develop programs and policies for populations, state governments, and national governments, as well as other organizations and institutions. This includes the design, development, and implementation of programs, policies, and management of budgets that affect the community, state, national, or national level.

Those who earn their MPH degree in Public Health Administration may specialize in any of these areas. Students may choose a specialization by completing a bachelor’s degree, master’s degree, or PhD program. Students may also select to combine multiple concentrations into a single program. Such combinations include Health Services Management, Policy, and Public Health Administration.

Students can expect to have a wide variety of career options once they earn their MPH degree in Public Health Administration. They can choose to work within the public health field in a hospital, clinic, or another medical facility. They may also opt to become a health educator, researcher, or administrator in a university, hospital, clinic or office of some kind.

The benefits of earning a Master’s degree in Public Health Administration are many. These students may choose to pursue a Doctoral degree in the field of public health to further their careers. Students may also choose to continue their education and finish their Doctorate by working in a higher level position within the Department of Health Care Administration.

In order to be eligible to enroll in a Master’s degree in Public Health Administration, students must meet certain criteria. First, students must complete a bachelor’s degree from an accredited university, college, or institution with a minimum GPA of 3.0. Second, they must complete a rigorous program that prepares them to be leaders in their chosen field by teaching and learning on the job skills and theory of research.

Those who choose to earn their MPH degree in Health Care Administration will be trained in the administration of health care programs, research, policy and programs, and budgeting for health care systems. These students will also be trained in leadership roles, public relations, marketing, and public education, and more.

The curriculum used in the Master’s degree in Public Health Administration is similar to the curriculum used in Bachelor’s degrees in Health Science. Students will be able to participate in lab sessions, seminars, workshops, conferences, and clinical experiences that offer hands-on experience in the field of public health. This includes internships and clinical rotations at local hospitals, health agencies, and other related facilities.

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