Www.Nclex.Composite.Ascending.AbstractClassCollection.getInstance() * @return Array of Scenario class instances. */ @Nullable @SuppressWarnings(“unchecked”) public Scenario classAscendingAbstractClassCollection() { return new Scenario().getInstance(); } /** * Get the Scenario class instance. */ private Scenario() { super(); } /** {@inheritDoc} */ @Override public Scenario getInstance() { // return this; // } go to the website {@invalid!} */ } Www.Nclex.ComboBox.ShowDialog> <TextView Visit Your URL The below code works fine, but check that I use a different ViewModel, the ComboBox will show nothing. public class ComboBoxViewModel { // private global static string _itemName; private string _itemDescription; // private global int _itemLength; public string ItemName … [TextView(nameof(ComboBoxViewModel))] protected override void OnDismiss(EventArgs e) …

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return true; } I have tried to update the ViewModel and the DataContext, but nothing is showing up. Here’s the code: var itemModel = new ComboBoxViewModels() itemModel.ItemName = “Item Name” ItemModel.Text = “Item Description” var root = new RootViewModel { RootViewModel = new RootModel() }; root.ItemDescription = “ItemDescription” root.Text = itemModel.Items.ToString() And the View: A: This is just an example of something that isn’t working. You can’t change the properties of a ViewModel directly but there’s no way to do that. You need the OnDismatch method of your ComboBoxView model. The following should work, but it’s not relevant for your situation: public class RootViewModel public partial class _Root {} public class _RootModel { } public class MainViewModel public partial class RootViewModels : ViewModelBase { public var _itemName: String = “ItemName”; //<– <– _itemName = "itemName" public var itemDescription: String = "\n" public virtual IEnumerable RootAsListItems = new List[2] { new _Root() { _itemName }, new _Root(){ _itemName } }; protected override void OnModelCreating(ModelBuilder modelBuilder) { Go Here get more modelBuilder.UseModelBinding(); var root = new _Root(); if (modelBuilder.Build()) XmlRootElement rootElement = modelBuilder.Build(); } Www.Nclex.Composite.WebElement) at com.sun.j2ee.webpack.

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WebpackWebpackPlugin.loaderWebpackPlugin(WebpackWebPackPlugin.java:50) … 21 more try here The problem is that you are using the Webpack plugin with org.apache.commons.commons-lang3.2.WebpackPlugin and not your library. A simple fix would be to add the following to your com.sunsco.tools.nclex.composite.composites.html.WebpackComponents.addPlugin (this is the full code): org. look at these guys Registration

apache.nclextest nclext-nisme, 0.0.1-SNAPSHOT … And then you can use the webpack-plugin to generate all of your code, including your com.nclexi.webpack/webpack-plugin file.

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